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Steel Industry Decarbonization and Use of H2 (eu)

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In recent years, reducing greenhouse gas emissions has becoming an increasing concern worldwide. The steel industry, as one of the largest emitters of CO2, has a fundamental role to play in combating climate change.

The carbon-intensive production process is responsible for roughly 7% of the greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.  Therefore, it is imperative to find solutions to reduce those emissions and advance towards a more sustainable economy.

The Basque Country has cutting-edge companies in the development of innovative solutions, many of which are already being incorporated by the industry.

Objective of the Seminar:

This seminar seeks to bring together experts from the most important companies and technology centres of the Basque Country and to showcase the solutions and current lines of work for the decarbonization of the steel sector.

Target Foreign Company:

The seminar is focused on investment, engineering, environmental production and project managers so they have the opportunity to learn about the current solutions and take them into consideration for the decarbonization of their plants.



Mikel Zarraonaindia,

Project Manager Steel Sector, , Basque Trade & Investment

Basque Steel Industry Decarbonization Projects

Amaia Arzadun,

Environment & Energy Manager, SIDEREX

• Steel industry in the Basque Country

• Environmental footprint calculation

• Green Steel development in Basque Country

• Net Zero Super Clúster

• H-Acero Project (Sarralle, Ceit, Tecnalia)

• Basque Hydrogen Corridor (Idom)

Decarbonization of DRI Process

Ashwin Chandarana,

DRI production expert, IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture

• Decarbonization of DRI process through carbon capture and use of Hydrogen:

o Different technologies and perspectives

o Low carbon DRI potential effects on EAF

Hydrogen Combustion Technologies for the Steel Industry

Itsaso Auzmendi-Murua,

Hydrogen Business Line Manager, SARRALLE GROUP

• Hydrogen combustion technologies for the steel industry

• H-ACERO R&D Project and its objectives.

• Industrial successful use case for the integration of hydrogen in a ladle preheater.

Simulations of the Hydrogen Combustion Process in the Steel Industry & Hydrogen Combustion for Laboratory Trials

Borja Peña Quintero,

Project manager - Industry and Mobility, TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION

Analysis of the Effects of Hydrogen Combustion On Steel and Furnace Refractories

Pello Uranga,


Q & A


Spri agenda

Ashwin Chandarana

DRI production expert, IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture

Spri agenda

Itsaso Auzmendi-Murua

Hydrogen Business Line Manager, SARRALLE GROUP

Spri agenda

Borja Peña Quintero

Project manager - Industry and Mobility, TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION

Spri agenda

Spri agenda


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