In the Basque Country, we have been working for some time now on the challenge of driving innovation to achieve more digitalised and smarter factories, with the focus on the capacity to perform more efficient and sustainable manufacturing processes, and for that endeavour to be reflected in the growth of our industrial ecosystem.

Basque Open Industry is proof of a well-planned and shared strategy. The Basque Country's commitment to the use of innovative technologies as a key factor for competitiveness and efficiency in the productive processes.

The Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem participates in Basque Open Industry to:

Place the Basque Country's industrial ecosystem, its talent and its capacity to drive new modern industries on the European global map.

Bring the Basque smart industry ecosystem closer to the European one. An ecosystem with a variety of professional and sector profiles.

Showcase the trends and latest innovations of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the startups of the time.

Present a space for technological expertise based on the power of the intellectual development of people to make the Basque business fabric more competitive.

Drive attracting, recruiting and retaining talent towards technological knowledge spaces based on production.

Place the Basque Country on the map of the global advanced innovative and technological ecosystems, as the most appropriate environment to develop professionally and build a career for the future

Discuss three transitions: environmental-energy (Green Basque Country), digital-technological (Digital Basque Country) and social-demographic (Inclusive Basque Country).

Are you also part of BASQUE OPEN INDUSTRY?

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